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Dr. Frederick J. Duffy

Frederick J. Duffy, Jr., M.D.

Welcome to Dr. Duffy’s updated personal practice website.  We hope the site will serve as a resource for women who want more information about breast reconstruction and for any patient who wants to learn more about the practice.

The site also includes resources designed to help patients make more informed healthcare decisions for themselves or their families.  The decision to have elective surgery can be a difficult one and we will do our best to inform and educate patients about their options, both before and during any office consultations.

Dr. Duffy has practiced in Dallas for over twenty years and works with a large number of talented surgeons and physicians to provide the best care possible for his patients.  He works with breast surgeons, surgical and medical oncologists, orthopedists and cardiac surgeons, internists and infectious disease doctors, and pediatric specialists to address a wide variety of problems.  His goal is always to restore the patient to the best of his abilities to optimal form and function, regardless of the circumstances that lead to Dr. Duffy being involved.

We hope the site is helpful, even if you never see Dr. Duffy.  Please contact us for additional information or an appointment.   We always welcome feedback on ways to improve our patient’s experience or the quality of the website.

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Margie D

In so many ways, Dr. Duffy has given me my life back. There were many things that set him apart for me from the beginning. I had researched my options and had met with several doctors. From my first meeting with Dr. Duffy, it was apparent that he was exceptional in his field. He considered my whole person as I made my way through the process. He restored my confidence, allowing me to do the things I had done before getting sick. Having the DIEP flap procedure was my best decision in reconstruction, choosing Dr. Duffy to perform it was 100% the right choice! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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