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Dr. Duffy and his partner also do reconstructive operations with other colleagues across the spectrum of age and involving most areas of the body.  The building blocks of these operations are local skin flap or skin grafts, muscle flaps, or free tissue transfers from other parts of the body that require a detailed knowledge of anatomy and meticulous attention to detail under the operating microscope.  We work with neurosurgeons who may refer soft tissue defects with skull or plate exposure, cardiac surgeons who may refer sternal wound infections following bypass surgery that require coverage, gynecologists or gynecologic oncologists that need assistance with peri-vaginal or perineal wounds that often involve prior radiation therapy, or with surgical oncologists that need assistance with wound closure regardless of what part of the body they are operating on.  In addition, because Dr. Duffy offices at Medical City Dallas that has a pediatric hospital on campus he has the privilege of operating with specialists who work with pediatric conditions that might also require his reconstructive skills following soft tissue or orthopedic operations.

To some extent the principles of reconstructive surgery are the same despite the part of the body we operate on or the patient’s age or even the size of the defect or what may be exposed.  Having said that, each patient is different and requires an individualized approach and reconstructive plan.

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