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Dear Dr. Duffy, Ashley, and staff, I cannot express in words how thankful I am for all of you but I will do my best!!

Thank you all for helping me through the scariest, most difficult, and uncertain experience of my life. My whole world had been very quickly and unexpectedly turned upside down when I came into your office, and as a single Mom and new grandmother being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, I remember being terrified of the unknown and what the future held, but your amazing team made it all so much lighter and I know I was blessed to be put in your care.

Dr. Duffy and Ashley, in my first visit you both greeted me with such sincere concern and compassion for what I was going through and about to endure, but also addressed my situation with confidence in their experience, expertise, and performance as a team.

Dr. Duffy, you were very straight forward in what you assessed would be best for me and also took time to listen and ask questions about me personally which was was a huge comfort and so important to me. You are consistently warm and caring in your bedside manner and also energetic and have upbeat attitude which overflows to those around you. I have always left your office with a smile on my face and feeling better than when I came in.

Ashley, you are the absolute sweetest and such a hard worker. I’ve never had an issue reaching you with a question or concern. You respond quickly to emails and voice messages, you are extremely efficient, and just great at what you do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done. I would 110% recommend your team to anyone I know!

God bless you all💕

Satisfied Patient

Dr. Duffy is awesome – he was skillfully able to perform a difficult procedure on me without giving up or issues.  I am so excited God blessed me to be referred to a great doctor like Dr. Duffy to do my surgery – most doctors would have given up and inform me that the surgery had failed but instead Dr. Duffy’s caring heart and pride in his work didn’t stop until he was successful.

Satisfied Patient

Dr. Duffy and his staff made me feel very proud being a Army Veteran to whom they served.  I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with my results!!  Tumors removed and breasts were reconstructed!!  Love you Dr. Duffy!!

Satisfied Patient

I went to Doctor Duffy for a breast reduction 07/2017.  His staff was wonderful and made me feel so comfortable from beginning to end.  This had been a procedure I had wanted for sometime and Doct Duffy had been a referral from my PCP.  He gave me exactly what I asked for and more.  Doctor Duffy interacted with my family the day of surgery and put us all at ease with his certainty that things would go well.  I have received nothing but great compliments about my breast and I’m not even fully healed.

Satisfied Patient’s Daughter

Dr. Duffy has helped my mother so much and we are truly grateful for him being apart of my mothers team of doctors.  If we have any concerns he was always helpful in answering our questions.  Dr. Duffy was patient with us even if we didn’t understand the answer, he would go over everything until his patient was happy and understood everything.  I am so glad Dr. Frederick Duffy is apart of my mothers team of doctors!


“I didn’t expect there to be any benefits to being diagnosed with breast cancer, but being able to have a dual reduction in conjunction with the lumpectomy was just a wonderful option.  During recovery, I experienced minimal pain and received excellent care from his entire team.  Dr. Duffy had cautioned me to not expect a perfect result given the unknowns for how radiation would affect the shape of the breast, but I think the final result is spectacular in appearance.  And going from an F cup to a C cup is physically a great relief.  I have much gratitude for Dr Duffy’s surgical skill and the quality treatment I received.”

Herlinda L.

“I had my implants removed and went with the DIEP Flap procedure.  The implants were cold, stiff, uncomfortable and painful at times.  My breast reconstruction using my own body fat came out better than I expected, far more natural then the implants.  I feel normal.  They are warm and move with me. I am so happy with the results.  Thanks to Dr. Duffy for listening to me and giving me what I asked for. Seeing the before and after pictures as well as reading the patients stories helped me make my decision.  I highly recommend Dr. Duffy and his professional staff has been great!”

Margie D.

In so many ways, Dr. Duffy has given me my life back.  There were many things that set him apart for me from the beginning.  I had researched my options and had met with several doctors.  From my first meeting with Dr. Duffy, it was apparent that he was exceptional in his field.  He considered my whole person as I made my way through the process.  He restored my confidence, allowing me to do the things I had done before getting sick.  Having the DIEP flap procedure was my best decision in reconstruction, choosing Dr. Duffy to perform it was 100% the right choice!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Angie P.

Dr. Duffy gave me freedom to move without pain!  I spent 2 1/2 years in chronic pain due to double mastectomy reconstruction using implants.  Dr. Duffy performed the DIEP flap procedure and my pain is gone!  I truly feel like a brand-new woman!

Thank you, Dr. Duffy- for giving me my life back!

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