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An abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen and the tightening of the underlying abdominal wall to greatly improve abdominal contour.  Like most body contouring operations, the patient is trading a scar for improved contour.  Fortunately, the scar can often be hidden under clothing, even bathing suits with appropriate planning.  The procedure is done as an outpatient but patients need to be mindful that there will be a week or two when their activity will be somewhat limited.

Dr. Duffy enjoys this operation and does a variation of it every week of his practice as closing a DIEP flap donor site (a flap used for breast reconstruction harvested from the lower abdomen) is similar to abdominoplasty closure.  This operation is often performed on younger women after their last pregnancy or in patients who have gained and then lost a significant amount of weight.  In addition, it is often done in conjunction with other operations such as breast lift or breast implants which can transform a patient’s torso and dramatically change their figure. Patient satisfaction with this operation is very high.

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