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The most common facial procedure that Dr. Duffy performs by far is blepharoplasty.  This involves removal of excess skin and fat from the upper or lower (or both) eyelids to improve the appearance and sometimes function of the eyelids (some patients with significant excess upper eyelid skin can have difficulty reading road signs while driving, particularly at night).  These procedures are typically done under local anesthesia in the office or can be done under general anesthesia if the patient wishes or is having other surgery.

Dr. Duffy did an upper and lower blepharoplasty in the office years ago on a local Dallas television health reporter and has been busy ever since because of that broadcast!  It seems in Dallas many patients end up with puffy eyes because of local allergens and this operation can work wonders on these patients.  The scars are well hidden and this is definitely one of the elective operations Dr. Duffy does with very high satisfaction scores.

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