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Practice Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the best plastic surgical patient care possible, for each patient and at all times. This includes educating patients and their loved ones about their surgical options, preparing them for surgery once a particular procedure has been chosen by the patient, and making sure the patient and their families understand the benefits and risks of the procedure (the process of informed consent). Once a surgical path has been chosen, the preoperative appointment will include obtaining informed consent and providing the patient with prescriptions that they may need before or after the surgery and any pertinent information such as incision care, how to care for and record drain outputs, and discussions about return to work or driving. Post-operative appointments are scheduled during pre-op appointments.

Following surgery Dr. Duffy and his staff will be available for questions and any patient concerns. The office strives to always be available to assist with any problems or issues.

Many of our patients require more than a single operation to achieve their final outcome and we strive to make the entire experience as efficient as possible.

In short, our goal is to treat our patients like we ourselves would like to be treated. We try to always be on time for office appointments (which is difficult in a surgical practice) and to be available if a question arises during a patient’s recovery. Many of our patients are battling cancer on top of everything else and we try to factor in all their added stresses as we care for them.

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