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Breast Reconstruction


The focus of Dr. Duffy’s practice has always been breast reconstruction.  The options for women faced with the loss of a breast or breasts have expanded greatly over the past twenty years.  That has coincided with a greatly increased need for quality reconstructive breast surgery and options as many women are choosing to have prophylactic mastectomies because of a strong family history or an increased risk of breast cancer documented by ever improving genetic testing.

At your first appointment in our practice our job is to discuss your options with you and get to know you so we can make an informed decision about the best approach for each patient.  We will try to empower you to help you make the decision that best fits your health and goals.  Each patient is different and we always try to tailor our recommendations to those differences. Having said all that, if the patient is a candidate Dr. Duffy will often recommend using the patient’s own tissues (autologous reconstruction) if possible as that provides the most durable and long-lasting reconstruction possible.

Our office will communicate with referring surgeons and oncologists to do our best to provide seamless care for our patients, whether it be before, during, or after other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy to provide the best treatment plan possible for you or your loved ones.

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