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Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

As women age, or following pregnancy, the breast can age in unpredictable ways.  These changes may include stretching of the skin and droopiness of the breast (this is called ptosis), change in the position of the nipple, stretch marks, or loss of breast volume.  A mastopexy or breast lift involves restoring a youthful breast appearance by surgically managing the skin excess and restoring an appropriate position of the nipple areola.  This will leave scars on the breast and the location and length of those scars is a function of the extent of breast ptosis before surgery.  Mastopexy is like many body contouring procedures in that it involves trading improved contour for scar.  In consultation with patients, Dr. Duffy often refers to the breast skin as the skin envelope that surrounds the breast tissue and the goal of mastopexy is to tighten that skin envelope to improve the breast appearance.

The goal of mastopexy surgery is to provide a lasting lift to the breast while minimizing or hiding the scars.  Sometimes the procedure is done in conjunction with breast implants to increase breast projection and size.  Nipple numbness can occur if the breasts are very droopy to start.  An updated mammogram is needed prior to a mastopexy or any breast surgery in women over 40 or in high risk patients.

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