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General Approach

As Dr. Duffy built his breast reconstruction practice, he was asked by other colleagues to help with difficult reconstructive problems and soft tissue defects.  This led to devising solutions to defects all over the body and in patient age ranges from newborns to the very elderly.  Each one of these patients and defects required an individualized approach based on the patient’s overall health, their other medical problems, and the location and size of the defect and the underlying structures that were exposed.  Many of these patients are quite ill and the local tissues have been subjected to multiple prior surgeries or prior radiation therapy.  There is a different solution to each problem and Dr. Duffy finds each case challenging and gratifying when successfully completed.  The challenges of operating across the spectrum of ages and in all regions of the body are one of the things Dr. Duffy loves most about his practice.

These case are often done in conjunction with orthopedic surgeons, surgical oncologists, general surgeons, pediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons, and cardiac surgeons with hospitalists, infectious diseases specialists, cardiologists, and interventional radiologists to name some of the individuals our practice works with.

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