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Dr. Duffy’s Gardens

Dr. Duffy has been a lifelong gardener since learning the basics from a neighbor as a child. Why include this section on a plastic surgeon’s website?  One response might be “why not?”!  In addition, Dr. Duffy wants his patients to understand a bit about his life outside of the office and the operating room and that desire flows through other aspects of this website.

His backyard is his relaxation spot. In addition to the chickens occasionally roaming the yard (that produce fabulous eggs!) all of the plants have been planted by Dr. Duffy.  He typically uses perennials but changes things a bit each year depending on what survives the winter.  He and Wendy have a healthy herb garden they cook with as well as a variety of vegetables.

A couple observations about the photos below….  The white trumpet like flowers are Datura, a beautiful flower that blooms only at night.  One of his favorites.  The yellow flower is on an okra plant and will be a mature okra in a couple weeks. He prefers okra grilled with a little cayenne pepper.  The other lacy looking flower is Columbine, and the purple pedaled flower is Echinacea. Can you pick out the Ruellia?

His family often finds him digging in the dirt in the backyard in the spring, summer, and fall.  It is a great release from the stress of a surgical career.

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