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Vaccines for COVID-19, Update

Dr. Duffy and his medical assistant Ashley have received the COVID-19 vaccination protecting them from the virus, which makes your visit to our practice safer.  Dr. Mckane and the rest of the staff interacting with patients have also been vaccinated. Dr. Duffy strongly encourages all his patients to follow the scientific data and get vaccinated.  […]

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Breast Cancer Risk Factors and the Genetics of Breast Cancer

Understanding the risks of breast cancer and how to control your risk factors is an important part of awareness. It is also important to understand breast cancer genetics if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a family member who has breast cancer. Breast cancer is more common in obese patients and in […]

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Dealing with Cancer and Surgery

Battling breast cancer or other serious illness is always challenging for patients and their families.  A cancer diagnosis can impact family and friends, work and leisure, mental health and relationships.  It is vitally important for patients and their partners or families to find constructive ways of dealing with these added stressors to minimize the negative […]

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Revision Breast Reconstruction Options

A significant part of Dr. Duffy’s practice is revision breast reconstruction.  Patients who have had failed reconstructions or poor outcomes elsewhere frequently consult our practice to see if revision surgery can improve the patient’s appearance or satisfaction with their reconstruction.  Issues can include lack of satisfaction with size, appearance or symmetry, poor fitting clothes, concerns […]

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Occult Contralateral Breast Cancers

 I will be starting a new monthly blog that will share news and information and a link to recent news in the plastic surgery literature that may benefit my patients. I recently operated on a patient to exchange her right tissue expander placed at the time of her mastectomy to a permanent implant and also […]

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